:What is Wicca:

Wicca is one of many earth-based religions with a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions. While much of the information of how our ancestors lived, worshiped and believed has been lost we try to reconstruct those beliefs to the best of our ability with the information that is available.

Modern Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner, a British civil servant, who wrote a series of books on the religion in the 1950's. It contains references to Celtic deities, symbols, seasonal days of celebration, etc. Added to this were components of ceremonial magic and practices of the Masonic Order.

Wiccans and Pagans are ordinary everyday types of people who come from all walks of life from all over the world. Wicca is a diverse religion with many differing paths and traditions each having it's own brand of ritual and magick. The most common theme among all these traditions, is an overriding reverence for life, nature, and the environment, as seen through the Goddess and God.

Most wiccans are solitary practitioners but there are also many Covens, which is a small, tightly knit group of people who worship together. Covens are normally presided over by a High Priest or Priestess who has had years of practice in magick and ritual techniques. The High Priest and Priestess are respected as an Elder and teacher of the craft.

People outside of a Tradition are Solitaries. They most often learn from books, websites, and personal experience, constructing their own unique forms of worship. Some books will talk about "self-initiation" but a more appropriate term is "dedication." Initiation by definition is something conferred upon you by others. It is appropriate within a coven but not appropriate for Solitaries since you cannot invest yourself with a particular status.